Home Selling Process

The Simplified Version of Stages to Selling a Home


Our initial meeting

Our initial meeting is an extremely important meeting where we can sit down together and talk about what your timeline and monetary needs, and motivation level in regards to listing your property. You can walk me through the home to show me all the features that you love about the home as well as have me give you feedback on how to make your home show well. I will explain to you how I will market the property so that it gets the best exposure and lots of showings.


Finding the right list price

After our initial meeting I will go through all the recent similar sold properties in your area and come up with a price range that I think the home will sell for. Additionally, I will look at the other similar homes that are currently on the market so that we know what the competition will be.


Listing the home

Once we decide on a price to list the home and what work/staging needs to be done to list the home we will sign all the paperwork to list the home with my office and put the property on the MLS and various other websites.



Once the property is listed, you will receive phone calls to set up showings of your home. I will go through all the options for showing times etc. with you and how best to have your house show well.


Receiving an Offer

After a buyer is interested in the property we will receive a written contract with the Buyer's purchase price and deadline dates. I will go over the offer(s) with you and we can decide if you will accept the offer(s) as is or counter the offer. The counter proposal stage can go back and forth until all the parties are in agreement on the price and terms.


Under Contract

After all the terms are worked out, you will be officially under contract. The buyer's Earnest Money check will be cashed and put into the escrow fund and will go towards their closing costs or down payment. At this point, the buyer will set up a time to have an inspector go through the house to see what needs repairs or is a health or safety hazard. The buyer will put in writing a request for you to fix whatever items they deem need to be fixed. We will discuss what items are reasonable to repair and what items you may choose not to fix. The Title Company will be researching and sending you and the Buyer information regarding your property to make sure that when it is turned over to the Buyer, it is free and clear of liens and encumbrances. Throughout this stage I will be in contact with the Buyer's lender and realtor to make sure that each deadline is met.



At the end of the contract stage, you will close the property generally at a Title Company who will walk you through all the documents that you will need to sign in order for you to release the possession of the house. It is at this time that you will receive the profits from selling your home. This is generally a one- to two- hour process.

If you have any further questions regarding this or any other real estate matters, please feel free to contact me.