The Five Reasons a Property Sells

  1. The Location
    Buyers consider the community and its amenities – schools, employment
    opportunities, churches, shops and visual attractiveness. They also consider the
    property’s proximity to busy roads, airports, commercial property and so on.
  2. The Price
    Pricing your property for the current market is critical to attracting buyers. Most agents will show your home to their prospective buyers within three weeks after it is listed for sale. If it is priced higher than competitive listings, your property may not be shown. After your property has been on the market for several weeks or months, interest in it will decrease. It’s very important to set a competitive price when you place your home on the market in order to sell at the best price.
  3. The Condition
    The appearance and condition of your property will attract or
    discourage buyers. Be sure your property looks fresh, uncluttered and inviting from the curb, because that’s the point at which many buyers decide whether or not to view the property.
  4. The Terms
    A variety of terms will attract a larger number of buyers. If you are flexible
    on the closing date, for example, you can increase the desirability of your property and perhaps affect the selling price.
  5. The Agent
    Consider these criteria when you select an agent.  Your listing deserves knowledgeable, experienced attention.
  • Honesty and credibility
  • Knowledge based on ongoing education and experience
  • Familiarity with changing market conditions that may affect your listing
  • Level of service based on listening skills, communication style and responsiveness to your inquiries
  • Reputation of the agent and company
  • Track record of selling homes at or near expected price within the desired
    time frame
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